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Default Re: Your all-time Raptors Squad

Top 15 would be either a break of talent and emotion... so:

PG: Damon Stoudamire/Alvin Williams/Kyle Lowry
SG: Vince Carter/Morris Peterson/Anthony Parker
SF: Tracy McGrady/Shawn Marion/Jalen Rose
PF: Chris Bosh/Charles Oakley/Jerome Williams
C: Antonio Davis/Marcus Camby/Hakeem Olajuwon ()

Honorable Mentions:

Kevin Willis (Big cut, but the Dream had to make it )
Andrea Bargnani (still a nice talent, but too soft for this team)
Jose Calderon (as much as I like him, the 3 PG's I choose are just more talented)
Donyell Marshall (2nd biggest cut; would like his versatility more than Bargs)
Mike James (can't deny he could shoot the rock that year)

There are a lot more players but the ones I selected are just more memorable to me. @ Zan Tabak, yeah no doubt. Clark was a beast; Billups didn't really become a star till he went to Detroit though.

Also, on Wade comparisons... I only consider 5 guards all-time higher than him:

Jerry West
Kobe Bryant
Magic Johnson
Michael Jordan
Oscar Robertson

You could say Vince was more talented than Wade, but that's where the comparison end. Wade is in the conversation of the upper tier of guards like the ones I mentioned above. Vince is in the conversation with guys like Peter Maravich, Gibert Arenas, Mitch Richmond, Reggie Miller, etc... Good guards, but not in the conversation of all-time peaks and careers are concerned.

Originally Posted by bokes15
D-Wade showed up on day 1 ready to go and i'm not a Heat fan but I don't think they've ever had to question his heart or desire in all the time he's been there.

Wade has been questioned by Pat Riley, back in 09-10 circa:

4. Pat Riley publicly questioned Dwyane Wade's conditioning as his numbers have dropped off a bit over last season. (He averaged 30.2 points, 7.5 assists and 5.0 rebounds a game while shooting 49.1 percent last season. Now he's averaging 26.6 points, 6.2 assists and 5.0 rebounds while shooting 43.2 percent.) Is Riley's concern legit?

Thomsen: There is nothing wrong with it. As a matter of fact, it is terrific. Wade wants to win (at least) one more championship, and the only way to get that done is to play at the highest level. How many team presidents or GMs would have the presence to criticize the best player months before he becomes a free agent? This is a signal to Wade that he is playing for one of the most ambitious executives in the league. If Wade signs with another team this summer, will he be held to the same high standard by his new boss?

This is why so few NBA teams ever have any hope of winning a championship: Few team leaders hold the best player to such high standards. Riley's constructive criticism provides Wade with another example of why he should re-sign with Miami.

McCallum: We are all-seeing and all-knowing, but I'm not nearly smart enough to know if Wade is badly out of shape. However, there is little doubt that he's not as sharp as he was when he came off of the Olympic season of last summer, and I'm going to give Riley, a longtime master of what he should and should not do to motivate, the benefit of the doubt. However, if the Heat continue to be a mediocre team, Wade -- out of shape or not -- will run, not walk, into free agency in the summer of 2010.

Mannix: Riley's comments are fair -- Wade has been campaigning for more help all season, and Riley was gently reminding him that there are ways he can help himself -- but I don't think they were as inflammatory as they might have sounded. Even Riley acknowledged that Wade's participation in the Olympics caused him to come to camp last year in unbelievable shape and that conditioning carried into arguably his best season to date. With no USA Basketball last summer -- and a well-deserved break for Wade -- it's not surprising that his conditioning is a little behind. But I think Riley's real motivation here is to remind everyone (Wade included) that the 2009-10 season is not just an 82-game exhibition slate before Wade -- and presumably another top-tier free agent -- tries to restore the Heat's championship swagger next season. There is still a lot of talent on Miami's roster, and Riley wants to make sure the Heat don't forget that there are still high expectations for this season.

Originally Posted by Chamberlain
has won a title as top dog, and as a 1B player

Wade was not a 1B player to James in 2012. James was clearly number 1 by 2012. Wade and James 1A/1B in 2011, though.

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