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Default Re: Your all-time Raptors Squad

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Top 15 would be either a break of talent and emotion... so:

PG: Damon Stoudamire/Alvin Williams/Kyle Lowry
SG: Vince Carter/Morris Peterson/Anthony Parker
SF: Tracy McGrady/Shawn Marion/Jalen Rose
PF: Chris Bosh/Charles Oakley/Jerome Williams
C: Antonio Davis/Marcus Camby/Hakeem Olajuwon ()

Honorable Mentions:

Kevin Willis (Big cut, but the Dream had to make it )
Andrea Bargnani (still a nice talent, but too soft for this team)
Jose Calderon (as much as I like him, the 3 PG's I choose are just more talented)
Donyell Marshall (2nd biggest cut; would like his versatility more than Bargs)
Mike James (can't deny he could shoot the rock that year)
My list would be very close to that, but with Jose instead of Lowry.
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