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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
You will finish the season with 2 or 1 points in TOs. I let my TOs to grow, which I should't, and right now I have 4.5 points in TOs. I'll make sure that I finish the season with 6 or more points in TOs (that is why I'll trade Curry or Cousins, and I did Gee and Shved for Koufos). Considering we will get 10 or more points in all or almost all the other categories, those 5 points in TOs will likely decide the champion.
This is not gamesmanship (BTW, thank you for teaching me a new word )

I don't disagree. And gamesmanship doesn't apply here. Wrong context. You'll learn.

This is unrelated to your team and my team, I just don't like a system where say Jrue Holiday is ranked under George Hill where Indy would give their left nut to have Jrue as their PG over Hill. Without TOs, Jrue has top 20 value and with TOs, like top 60.

I also don't like a category that rewards inactivity. You can actually get more fantasy points by not participating, which can impact the league.
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