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Default Re: Your all-time Raptors Squad

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7

Wade has been questioned by Pat Riley, back in 09-10 circa:
True, but my thing with that is even an unmotivated/lazy mid season form D-Wade was better than Vince. The dude was putting up 25/5/7/2/1 in his sleep and getting called out. And on top of that he was wasting his prime on a horrible roster that was banking on pulling a heist in the offseason (which I guess they did, successfully).

Vince on the other hand, it wasn't about conditioning or mid season lulls. It was about heart, desire, drive, his demeanor, his willingness or lackthereof to use his god given ability to attack the basket, his determination. On winning teams it was questioned, on losing teams it was question. He just had that infuriating ability to just turn it on when he wants and then to be in cruise control the rest of the time. That's mainly what i meant.
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