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Originally Posted by gasolina
should be canned. Last year was their chance for redemption after the rigged year with KIA. And it was a borefest.
If the NBA insists upon separating the dunking further and further from the dunk contest itself (in its place - terrible acting, props, mailmen, coaches, microphones, and choirs) then I agree. However, if the contest can be returned to a standard format then I believe it should forever live on. Dunk contests will always have down years regardless but I think it's important to keep it alive for those special, special moments.

For instance, can we imagine NBA history had the league opted not to bring the contest back for 2000? Surely, Carter's year was followed by a lame showing in DC the next season but then came a great run by Jason Richardson and company. Unfortunately, life-altering moments will never happen every year in the dunk contest, but the rarity of those moments is what makes them so special and eliminating the contest altogether would just be counterproductive in my opinion. Eliminate it for the return of 2Ball?
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