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Default Re: Can James White trump the GOAT dunk in the dunk contest?:

I know this thread topic was made in jest, but I still find it at least a tiny bit unfortunate that contest is only remembered as the one where Blake Griffin jumped over the hood of a Kia. Each performer (Griffin, McGee, DeRozan, Ibaka) brought something pretty legitimate to the table that year and I was impressed (particularly after the Shannon Brown/Gerald Wallace/Nate Robinson debacle from a year earlier).

And regarding Griffin, I may have actually been more impressed with his misses than his makes, so that was kind of a bummer. He looked like he had a plan where he'd attempt the risky, outlandish dunks, then quickly resort to basic versions of each if he didn't connect on his first few tries. This one was a showstopper for me right off the bat:

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