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Originally Posted by ballup
Doubt GG will be there. He has stated a couple of years ago that he is done with the Dunk Contest. Probably because he was the first to get screwed by the final voting changes.
how was he screwed???

howard did things no one ever has done + put a great show

the real contests that were rigged are:

2011 with Blake, 2006 with iguodala and 2007 when they gave dwight 7s for the sticker dunk

other contests had bad moments, but in the end players themselves were to blame:
1) in 2010 when Derozam lost to Nate was, because Demar did a retarded two handed windmill dunk and Nate did a better previous dunk
2) 2009 when Dwight thought he should do an ugly ft line dunk to lose to nate
3) In 2012 there should not have been a winner, because all contestants sucked and Evans at least had a creative and not seen dunk. George lost, because he put his hand on hibbert and had like 20 dunk tries combined...

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