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Originally Posted by gasolina
I agree, but is there a chance of the dunk contest going back to what it was? If the ASG can't let go of online voting, I don't think the dunk contest will. Get a panel of real judges and eliminate based on scores. Let the panel REVIEW the dunk before letting them score.

Also, you need some star power in these contests. All the memorable contests had legit stars in them. Unfortunately these star gets scared off by gimmicks and shit. Rudy Gay should be there. Blake Griffin given another chance. Josh Smith. Lebron man up and be part of it.
Well, to be honest, I think "going back to what it was" will always be open to interpretation. Even as Vince Carter's performance was taking place, there was still a very significant portion of the basketball viewing population yearning for the battles of yesteryear - the Erving vs. Thompson days or the 'Nique vs. Jordan showdowns. So in that regard, for some, the contest will never go back to what they thought it was.

For others, I think there's a very good chance at a return to dunk normalcy. NBA contest organizers have a history of tinkering with its format before eventually re-establishing tradition. For instance, in the mid-90's, each round was set up like a gymnast routine, where players were required to complete three dunks in 90 seconds. Eventually (only after the contest was cancelled for two year) folks came to their senses and brought back the traditional one dunk format. I'm just thinking there has to be someone at the top with a lot of power who realized just how ridiculous the slam dunk contest's setup has become with actors, voting, and uber props.

Regarding star players, I always welcome them but I've never found them to be required to have an awesome contest. There's been many non-stars throughout the years who have been able to make a name for themselves with a spectacular showing in the dunk contest. Some even used the contest as a springboard to their own fame. Some memorable dunkers who were not stars at the time of their contest appearance: Dee Brown, Harold Miner, J.R. Rider, Brent Barry, Jason Richardson, Nate Robinson, Gerald Green, JaVale McGee, and J.R. Smith. As I said, some became stars at a time after their appearance, but they weren't exactly All-Star headliners upon their first entry, yet they still left an entertaining and indelible mark on the contest itself.

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