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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Love conference play for the nights like this where there's multiple good games on the tv (Minny/Illinois and NM/UNLV). Now I just gotta remember to record them before I go to the movies. lol

Still think UNLV is the best mid-major shot at making the final four this side of Gonzaga, but they aren't very consistent right now. Losing another game at home, albeit to a good team, won't look good and might make me think their recent losses are more than blips on the radar. I'm really interested in seeing how the eventual return of Moser helps their team. Their starting lineup is pretty stacked as far as mid-majors go when fully healthy. This is more about mental toughness and offensive/defensive smarts. Not sure if they have that part down. Whereas I think Gonzaga has the smarts and talent, but maybe they lack the defensive toughness that they always seem to lack.

On that note, come tourny time I feel like UNLV has a better chance of being upset early (assuming they play into a high'ish seed), but also can hang with the best and most efficient scoring teams due to matchups...whereas I don't think Gonzaga has as good of a chance of being upset, but once they finally meet one of those top teams, they will be outscored like we've seen before.

Rooting for the Illini tonight offense, but I think Minny is the better team so hopefully they add an L to their conference mark tonight. If Minny wins tonight I think they will have had a good night shooting three's. If Illinois wins, I think they will have a good night at the FT line....just random predictions. lol
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