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Originally Posted by ballup
GG had no chance in the final because he was up against Howard in a fan voting event. That's how he was screwed. I didn't say he should have won, but the fans made it much more of a landslide than it should have been.
I see where you're coming from with the landslide angle, as I do believe their dunking skills were in fact closer than the 22% and 78% of votes they each received. I really do not believe fan voting belongs in this type of contest because I feel it truly should be about the dunk and one's popularity should not play a part.

All that said, I think Green really would have helped his own cause if he didn't more or less complete the same dunk two times in the finals. Yes, dunking in socks is very tough, but it was still the same dunk. Further, there was some bravado that was a little unbecoming from Green that year. I think I remember him signing his own shoes and placing them on the judges table before his last dunk (at which point Darryl Dawkins knocked them off).

Originally Posted by Borat
uh he was terrible and looked like he didnt want to be there
Don't know how I missed that Wallace comment my first time through this thread. His '10 performance was one of the worst I'd ever seen. I'll have to refer back, but I feel like he did a routine reverse for his first attempt. No Harold Miner, no bounce, no authority, just a routine, 11th grader-in-layup-line reverse. Terrible.

Edit: A video dedicated to Gerald and Shannon's terrible showing:

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