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Default Re: Varejao to undergo surgery Thursday, out 6-8 weeks

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
Come on, let's be realistic. No one wants Gibson or Casspi. I'm not even sure either of them could make a gameday roster on any of the contenders.

I was a person who was against trading Anderson while he was healthy, but seeing Tristan absolutely blossom in his absence tells me that maybe it is time we hand the keys over TT and let him grow into the position. It is clear he wasn't maximizing his production with Varejao in the lineup.

It is far more important to the future of this team that Thompson develops into a legitimately solid starting player (or more) than anything Varejao may contribute in his 30s on a team which is still a couple years away from contending for the playoffs.

If Varejao and Thompson can find a way to co-exist where they're both playing at a high level at the same time on the same floor, I'm fine with not making a move. But, I don't want to keep Varejao at the detriment of Tristan.

And, Lamb, PJ3 + Toronto's lottery pick is absolutely a "haul."

But OKC wont do anything without trading Perk, and since Perk is a somewhat undesirable contract, the trade will most likely not happen. Sucks for Cleveland, Andy V was killing it this year.
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