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Default Re: Would OKC be better if they kept BallSoHarden Over Westbrick

Originally Posted by Graviton
Obviously you haven't watched enough games. Westbrook never IGNORES poor old Durant who is sitting there wide open lol. He gets him the ball as often as possible, Durant just sucks at getting open at times vs physical defenders that deny him the ball. And when a play is broken or shotclock is down, Westbrook is the one taking those desperate shots, ruining his FG%. Durant remains efficient because he passes up those looks to Westbrook, only taking the shots he wants. That's why people complain about Durant being passive at times, he doesn't demand the ball like Kobe, he is content letting Westbrook take more shots and get all the blame. Wish Westbrook did get traded, just so I can watch what a juggernaut OKC is with a predictable "pass first" PG without elite slashing or defense lol.

Thats why score first pgs hasnt won anything in this league. Westbrook is another marbury if hes a one man show. He cant carry a team. And durant has been shooting more early in his career. Durant is just providing leadership. He wants to play unselfish so everybody on the team becomes unselfish but westbrook is just so dumb that he doesnt get it. Plus durant is as tall as howard so its not anymore his responsibility to be the pg but hes forced to do it coz westbrook is a cancer.
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