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Default Re: MLSE Early Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by Dr.Funk
A rumour that came out here in Manitoba via a radio Dj who has connections in the Toronto media is that Burke was having an affair with somebody in the leafs organization.

I think that's probably a whole lot of BS... a radio jock trying to make a name for himself more than anything else.

I think it's more likely something like the fact that Burke had an Autonomy clause in his contract and Bell/Rogers wanted more control over the franchise than he was willing to provide.

IE: McCowan said tonight that he knew that Ownership wants to make the playoffs and see Luongo as the way to do it. Burke did not want to make the deal (reported and Kadri, Gardiner + more), and he was approached by a senior person in MLSE that if he cared about his job he'd make the deal to try and make the playoffs. McCowan said on PTS Burke told the exec that he doesn't care about his job if he made a deal that was bad for the team. The board couldn't force him to make the deal due to the clause so they removed him. And here we are.
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