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Default Re: 1/9 7 p.m. EST: Atlanta Hawks (20-13) @ Cleveland Cavaliers (8-28)

Originally Posted by atljonesbro
You b1tch about Joe Johnsons contract, he gets rid of it in a week , you b1tch about ho we need to get better players, he clears epic amounts of CAP to go get better players this offseason (then now that he did what you wanted you find a new excuse that no one will come to Atlanta).

If you're not LeBron, Kobe, or Durant according to (blank)dude81 you're not worthy of being a Hawks

Inside the mind of a racist bandwagoner, i guess thats how yall work.

He got rid of one player and I'm supposed to think he is a great GM now. Billy Knight cleaned house also. Where he at?

The idea that that nobody wants to sign here is not something knew. Even plenty of hawk fans at hawksquawk probably fear the same thing.

And until we have somebody on that level, this team will not win shit. This team has tried to win with 2nd raters for 2 decades now. It hasn't got them anywhere.

And again, your "bandwagoner" theory is stupid. This team hasn't had enough highs to draw any bandwagoners. You have to have some highs if you're going to draw bandwagon fans to your team. All the Hawks have done is shame themselves and the few people that do support them.
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