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Default Re: The Lakers really need to start winning soon...

Originally Posted by Cangri
They are still only 4 loses behind denver, but you are right, they need to get their sht together before the all star weekend or else it'll be very hard to get in the top 8.

Since Memphis is (apparently) cleaning house and the Warriors are (likely) due to fall back to reality, if not for this 5-game losing skid there was a remote chance they could've made a run for the 4 seed. Not so much as of today.

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
Taking a look at the Lakers next 11 games.

7 of their next 11 games are against difficult opponents. Opponents such as the Heat, Thunder twice, Grizzlies, Bulls should be likely losses. Then some average teams in the Jazz and Bucks could go either way. Then they play sub .500 teams in the Cavaliers, Hornets, Suns and Raptors. Winning those four games is a must. If they can win those four, beat the Jazz and Bucks, and try to beat one of the great teams I mentioned, that would place them at 7-4 in their next 11. Putting them at a respectable 22-24 in the meantime. Now if they choke and lose against all the top teams, and average teams and lay an egg against one of the sub. 500 then it's doomsday.

I haven't looked at their schedule yet, but they can't afford to lose many (any?) more winnable games.
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