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Default Re: We must trade Pau Gasol now!!!

I'm honestly still in a state of bewilderment as to how a team boasting Kobe, Gasol, Dwight, and Nash, along with World Peace, and Jamison is struggling so mightily! Dwight has only had flashes of his former self, Nash and Gasol have been consistently injured. Jamison never gets to play, MWP is playing out of his mind as is Kobe. I just really didn't anticipate this slow of a start and now, who knows what the answer is!

I personally haven't heard any deals that knocks my socks off in regards to Gasol but I was intrigued with the Smith / Harris from ATL for him. Not really feeling a deal from MIN for Williams or TOR for Bargnani / Calderon. Possibly LAL needs to keep Gasol and trade Dwight? I mean, if dude is gonna roll anyways then they gotta get something in return, right? I'm sure they can find a viable deal, not sure how great of a deal it could potentially be, with the current play that Dwight has exhibited but it's obvious something needs to change and change ASAP!
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