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Default Re: Can James White trump the GOAT dunk in the dunk contest?:

Absolutely... you see, James White is the type of a dunker we never had in the NBA dunk contest, not to that magnitude... his one-leg/distance leaping ability is the best i ever seen in the NBA (better than Julius Erving, Lebron James or Michael Jordan)...

What Vince Carter did as the best representative for the two-foot dunkers James White will do that for his one-legged/distance dunkers that ever existed.... any distance dunk that has been done in the past James White i guarantee you CAN (and will) surpass... take Jordans FT line dunk for example, well James White can takeof (from even further) and do an alleyoop or windmill or between the legs while at it...... any of those would be a dunk we never seen in the NBA dunkcontest...

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