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Default Re: Can James White trump the GOAT dunk in the dunk contest?:

Originally Posted by Myth
I think the reason James White won't top Carter is because of shock factor. Vince came before the youtube days and showed us stuff we have never seen before. James White will likely complete things that we have seen him do himself on youtube.


Vince Carter covered everything there is about best two-foot dunks and James White will be able to do that with one-leg dunks.... we have to separate those two dunk styles/leaping abilities because each represent pros/cons of what type of dunks you can and can not do.... one leg = distance... two foot = more body control (easier to do advanced 360s and so on)

If James White was able to do those dunks first in the NBA dunkcontest (i mean before his other contests) we would have not seen them, it would have been probably the same "shock factor" Vince Carter had, but thats not the case so he want be able to surpass VC with his rendition of dunks... but i am just glad that he will be able to showcase what one-leg/distance dunking is in the NBA dunkcontest, better than anyone ever did

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