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Default Re: Hornets Last Two Games

I said like last month Hornets is a good team real soon

5. Lopez is average to above average center hustles get boards plays d set pick and has a ok jumper.
4. Davis can be a star to super star and defense is always nice, esp he is good D vs small guys, Good D vs small guys is more valuable than good D against big guys these days.
3.Ryan Anderson is a baller, most people think he is a 3pt specialist, but dude can ball, put on the floor, rebound some and defend. If used right can give you star production while not being a star type player.
2. Eric Gordon is back and nowadays 2 is a dead position if he can get back his form he is one of the top ones.
1. Vasqeus is a Baller. A rare offset PG. 6'6 can shoot it well while being able to see the floor. He plays different than most PG like a Calderon with more potential and some post and iso moves.

Get the bench some meat and get rid of Rivers and their good Coach should stop sucking up to his dad, you will not be fired and even if you do, you not gonna get a job from Celtics. God kid is awful and will not go to the D league.

This team can play D from all position, and well coached and can execute. In a year or 2 they gonna be a good team in the league. Brighter than Cav, Kings, Detriot , toronto out of all rebuilding team.
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