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Default Re: Hornets Last Two Games

Originally Posted by Kiddlovesnets
Davis only played 19min, a nonfactor of this recent win. No idea why he wouldnt get more minutes though, since he definitely should.
I disagree, the guy who we sat in for Davis was the hot hand tonight and we rode it. Jason Smith had 17 and 10, I'm as big of a Davis fan as anyone but I love Monty riding the hot hand. Also standing by my statement of Hornets are a playoff team with Gordon in the line up. Having to play Rivers 25+ minutes a game was a killer.

Davis has been terrific on defense lately, early in the season he seemed timid, scared to get dunked on. Let a lot of players go, not only is he blocking shots and getting steals now but he's also drawing charges, he makes a difference on the court.

Also the Eric Gordon effect on defense now allows us to start Aminu giving us length on the defensive end Aminu has a piss poor jumper, but he's as athletic as they come great Rebounder limiting 2nd chances and good defender. Aminu was in the dog house but for some reason playing along EG brings out the best in him.

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