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Default Re: Hornets Last Two Games

Originally Posted by pnyozzzoo
Monty should man up and tell Rivers to go to D league. ***** is terrible at everything and have attitude problem.
No Fking body in the league shots 33% while avging less than 7 pts and play more than 26 minutes. While cannot do anything else beside trying to defend and occasionally draw foul. And guess what his confidence and attitude are so weak and shitty now he broke his Free throw too, he now goes 1-4, 2-6 on free throw, from 70% to now 56% FT for a supposed shooter. He will soon be a Hack-a-Rivers. lol.

Don't put it beyond Monty, that may kill his confidence though. Monty knows what he's doing, but it wouldn't shock me to see Rivers there this year, I think he should go down for about 2-3 weeks.
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