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Default Re: hey sorry fans, Kobe is far from being the GOAT

Originally Posted by MiseryCityTexas
I honestly feel clyde drexler was better than Kobe. At least Clyde lead his team to the finals with him being the main man with a bunch of role players.

Did you see what Terry Porter did? There were series where he was Portland's MVP. He was an excellent all around point guard who played both ends, was a good playmaker and a very good scorer as one of the best 3 point shooters at the time, the ability to create off the dribble, and a size advantage over most point guards which he was able to exploit as well as the ability to play off the ball.

Portland was considered the most talented team in the West for several years, and the most talented team in the league at one point. Portland had a bunch of great athletes who thrived in their up-tempo style, in addition to an excellent defender and rebounder in Buck Williams who was still a solid offensive player, a very good low post scorer in Kevin Duckworth and eventually, the addition of Danny Ainge in '91.

Calling that a cast of role players, as if it's less than what Kobe had is a joke. In '90, Clyde was the 3rd leading scorer in Portland's first 2 series and second leading scorer in the WCF.

Clyde stepped up more in '92 and had his best season, but he still had a lot of help. Terry Porter came up with huge series vs Phoenix and Utah when he averaged 26/8 in both series and was Portland's best player in the WCF series vs Utah completely outplaying John Stockton. Hell, Portland also had 7 players average double figures during their first 2 series in that '92 run.

I always liked Clyde, but he wasn't as good as Dwyane Wade, much less Kobe. And he had to carry Portland less than Kobe had to carry the Lakers.

Just look at Kobe play vs Clyde and it's obvious this isn't a debate. Kobe's scoring skill set is so far above Clyde's in a half court game, whether it's mid-range or long range shooting, footwork or creating his own shot off the dribble. He was also a better defender than Clyde, and while Clyde was the better rebounder and passer, I'm not sure I'd call Clyde a better playmaker in a half court game. Either way, their scoring ability is far enough apart that they're not close as players since Kobe wasn't just a scorer himself, but an excellent all around player.

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