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Default Re: perkins with 1 rebound yet again

I dont get it. The Thunder got 3 of the best scorers in the NBA. (Kevin Martin is a scoring machine) Then you have Ibaka who is just a awesome player who can score when he is set up correctly. He is the one of the best, if not the best shotblocker in the NBA. Also Durant has stepped up and is grabbing almost 8 rpg and over 1 bpg. There is really not anything that Perkins can do better then what his team is already doing. He has no niche anymore. There is also no pointguard on the team like Rondo, so he wont get those easy buckets he would get with the Celtics.

Perkins is not bad, but there is just a certain amount of shots and rebounds a team can get. His team is just amazing at scoring, shotblocking and rebounding. His role is to take up space, help out, set screens. Last thing the Thunder need is a "scoring" center like Gortat. There are no shots left or rebounds to grab.
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