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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

A. I think we are a legit playoff team who will earn a top 4 seed.
B. I don't think we are a championship contender this year.
C. I think we are better than a 1st round out
D. I think we are more than a flash in the pan team.
E. I think our success does not rest on Melo's shoulders. I've seen him perform well in the playoffs and still lose. I think our success ultimately will be determined on what we get from Amare. Melo can have an amazing playoffs but if he doesn't have help, it will end the same way that Boston series ended. With him exhausted and them waiting till the end of the game to double. Are we going to get a Jared Jeffries performance from amare or are we going to get a guy that teams have to at least game plan for?
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