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Default Re: I'm at PEACE knowing Management fcuked us all

Originally Posted by DKLaker
Do you HONESTLY.....and I mean this as no offense, but think about it, do you think they can afford to keep 'Antoni around for even another 2 seasons? If it is about money then look at the difference between not making the playoffs and winning a championship make......not just in ticket sales but also concessions and merchandise. 2 more years of this and you'll find a ton of Lakers gear at the .99 cent store, just like Clippers gear used to be
Furthermore, if the team can afford to pay Pau $19 million which with the cap hit equates to $38 million., then why can't they pay up to $22 million for 2 losing coaches and 1 championship caliber head coach?

I told everyone from day 1 that Jimmy was incompetent......I know some people think I throw names around aimlessly.....but I never do, I speak of things I know extremely well. Jimmy has always been into his daddy's money and never into learning or working hard....he's always been a drunk nitwit. He should've stuck to Horse Racing, he had good people around him who advised him well......but he managed to mess that up.

If we will not fire 'Antoni then the real message is that we are in rebuilding mode, Kobe's years will be wasted and we have no chance at a title......this doesn't sit well with me and it shouldn't for any of you.

Solution; Hire a legitimate top notch coach who knows offense and defense......most importantly, knows how to manage a roster including the bench and how to manage egos......hmmmm, I'm not a big Phil guy but if you want a risk free bet then someone needs to kiss Phil's @ss big time

So many points to respond to. So little time. Regarding D'Antoni (that's his name), Laker management believe he's the right guy. You have made it quite clear countless times that you won't be happy unless the Lakers hire Phil Jackson which is not going to happen. Do you think the Lakers are just going to keep firing and hiring coaches until they find a coach that wins every single game from here on in? That's your typical Laker fan mentality, "We have to win a championship every single year. All other teams suck except to the Lakers." You obviously think exactly this way based on your statement about Kobe's remaining years being wasted and your comment regarding rebuilding (the "R" word).

Seems to me, you have no problem spending other people's money. Welcome to America 2013!!!
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