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Default Re: Championship Rotations

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I think 'Antoni's idea of defense is to let the opponent score 2 points and then we come down and hit a 3

It's not anywhere near as simple as putting defensive players into the game that makes a good defense, it is how to play defense as a team, knowing what to do as a go under a screen or over it, who rotates and when, which way to force a guy to the help.......there are a ton of things that a team has to be taught as a team.....not individuals.
You see the Lakers every game, we either have 2-3 guys try to pick 1 guy up or no one picks a guy up and he hits an open shot......there are even times where 3 guys rotate to a non threat away from the basket, leaving good shooters open. Team Defense is not being taught and it really shows.

lool that first line made me laugh.

The rest is pretty much reasonable. Good defensive guys don't necessarily make a good defensive team. For crying out loud, even Nash is trying to guard his man and he isn't even doing that bad a job. Yet the defensive system is ranked a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10.

I really need to understand from anybody why Jerry Sloan wasn't being considered. A no nonsense guy is what this no-nonsense led team needs. I will never get over that.
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