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Default Re: MLSE Early Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by And 1
This, along with some animosity between the MLSE board and Burke's 'character,' DEFINITELY played a part in his firing.

Well here's the positive I see the more I've thought about it: this might actually be a good thing. The bottom line with regards to Burke is that he's had zero results in his tenure. The team is in no better condition now than when he arrived. No stars, no goalie, no centre, no star D. The owners of MLSE is no longer a trust fund that is simply looking for its 10% ROI. Rogers and Bell (for better or worse) are looking for a marketable product to put on the air. Nothing is more marketable than a winner.

The wheels are already in motion for Colangelo, make no mistake. This is from the Globe:

Sportsnetís John Shannon revealed Friday that at a meeting of the board of directors of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Raptors head coach Dwane Casey was told by, among others, George Cope, chief executive officer of BCE-Bell Canada and a former hoops player at Western University, to simply play whom he wanted to play.

Its info like this that suggests to me that Colangelo won't have the rope to make any real bad moves going forward.
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