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Default Re: InsipeHoops Survivor 2013: Vote Off the Biggest Troll

Originally Posted by Kews1
seriously ive never thought that pauk was that much of a troll, kennethgriffin and 9erempire are trolls tho, and you cant swap them for pauk look at how many votes they both have compared with pauk not that many people think hes a troll compared to the others
You wasn't here in the troll barrage of summer 2010... He was just annoying. Specially with Hulk Hogan hilarious but trollish posts. He and pauk use to go into these discussion about Kobe being chucktastic and Lebron being unclutch. I still remember when Hulk Hogan posted that list of all of Lebron misses in the clutch in 2010 (it was like 10 gif all in a line). Trust me if you was there at the time you would know why I consider him in the top 3.
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