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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

NIT bound? I'm not sure this team will meet the requirements for that.

I think there is some talent on this team. The problem is that the talent doesn't fit what this particular team needs.

Preferably this team would have a star.

Three best contenders:
McAdoo - Severely lacking polish and skill.
Bullock - Really, really, solid player. I think he will be a good pro. But he's nothing more than a very good role player. 3rd option on a good team.
PJ - Too inconsistent all the way around.

Preferably this team would have a a low post scorer; a necessity for any Roy Williams teams.

Two best contenders (because there's not even three players good enough):
McAdoo - Wants to face up and, again, lacks the polish.
Johnson - Horrible defensively. Lack strength causes some problems on offense as well. Although his defensive problems go well beyond his lack of strength.

Preferably this team would have a steady, if not spectacular, point guard. Another necessity for any Roy Williams team.

Two best contenders:
Paige - I actually think he's improving. He's just not where the team needs him to be. Too much for him to shoulder as a true freshman. Kendall really ****ed us here.
Strickland - Not a point guard. He's a better point guard than shooting guard... That doesn't say much.

And lastly, preferably this team would have a steady presence or two because of how much youth there is.

There is Bullock and only Bullock bringing this. He did disappear in the second half, but that is because Larranaga schemed such at halftime. Bullock adjusted and made terrific passes to his open teammates who then missed open shots. Because he's the only consistent player on the team...

Next year's recruiting class won't fix these problems. Maybe 2014 will, but by then I'd hope the two years of experience would develop into something. Although who knows? That 2009 class is really kicking this program in the balls right now. You have Henson, two transfers, a 7th man who disappears against good competition, and a glorified role player. Followed that up with two two and done players plus Bullock and you have two recruiting classes with two legit starters by the time they are juniors and seniors.

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