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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

eh, IMO it isn't that important, I don't think any GM has ever drafted or NOT drafted a CB based on the type of tackler they are...I don't remember anyone bringing up what kind of tackler Claiborne was when he was drafted...or any other CB for that matter.

if it was THAT important we would see LB sized players at CB lol

A CB's tackling ability is about as important as a WR's blocking ability...sometimes a WR missing a block will cost a big play (just like a CB missing a tackle) but no one ever ranks WRs based on blocking or views it as one of their main traits or drafts a WR because he can block, really even that is a bad comparison because some outside runs are reliant on the WR blocking but there is no defense that is reliant on the CBs tackling's always LBs first, even on an all out blitz the LBs should pick up the tackle first.

If we had a nation wide poll of who the greatest CB of all time was I am betting Deion (the poor tackler) would win said poll...why? because coverage skills are THAT much more important for a CB in comparsion for tackling.

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