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Default Re: Halo 4 and Halo CE anniversary edition announced

I feel like 343 gave us just 5 maps to screw us into buying the DLC. Hell I even grabbed the map pack when they had it for free, and they said "hey, download this we ****ed up if you do so by the 18th its yours" and now I can't play on it.

I'm actually kinda pissed they dropped it to $40 so quickly too.(it still has the $40 holiday price tag) But I guess that's what I get for getting it on release date.

Edit: just tried to play again for shits and giggles and found this

So really, after paying 40 or 60 for a game, they **** up and release the map pack and then pull it back because they ****ed up? Seriously screw M$.

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