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Default Re: Andray Blatche says he is innocent

Originally Posted by niko
Have you followed his career? This is not a positive. It's good he's not involved (to be honest he seems like an ok guy albeit stupid - i don't believe at all he's involved at any point.). But at some point you put yourself in a situation like this and you don't get out. I'm relatively sure the Nets had a converations with him that went "Are you ok? GOOD. You're not involved? WE FIGURED THAT. ARE YOU A ****ING IDIOT? PLEASE DON"T LET US HEAR ANYTHING LIKE THIS AGAIN.
agree, and he sounded like a total knucklehead based on what he said today: "i have no plans to change my friends or how i live my life." (paraphrasing)

but the team's only renting him, anyway. still, if he could make sure to do one more dumbass thing right before the FA signing period this summer, that would be sort of great. then the nets could afford to keep him another year or two. :-)
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