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Default Why do I personally draw more interest than any other poster on this message board?

If you look at a track record of how many "views" a particular poster generates, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to come to the conclusion to know that "Legend of Josh" generates more views than any other poster in the history of this message board.

No matter how many posts one may have (such as GOBB, etc) or even how popular they are in the main forum (no offense Strow) ... when it comes to just sheer interest Legend of Josh has had more "views" per capita than any other poster. This is just fact. The numbers never have, and they never will lie.

What exactly explains this phenomenon? It doesn't matter. Shit just is what it is. ... and obviously many of you hate.

... and who cares? I just think it'd be rather interesting to see any other poster generate more "views" ... LOL, yeah right. Like that'll ever happen.
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