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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by GOBB
My KD score per minute is much higher than urs Uconn yet to read you get those score streak makes me wonder what is taking me so long to stop running lower killstreaks. Only score streak I even unlocked was orbital vstat. The ones above that are locked. Just never thought Id land them. I probably do have games where I could run these score streaks you do and get them. Yesterday in ground war I went 42-6 with 5 caps 7 defends and didnt get a chance to use score streaks in my pocket cuz match ended. Probably would have been the match to run higher streaks.
I noticed you like the B flag. I avoid it on most maps unless it is the opening round, or if I have a VSAT up. A-C runs is where it is at. For you GOBB try something like to UAV/ VSAT/whatever just to get used to the chain. The perks I use by the way are Hardline, Ghost, Scavenger, Toughness, and Engineer. Give it a shot. And I hope you aren't looking at my combat spm, sticks and stones dropped that by 15. My domination is at 332 I think but that is still about 30 lower than yours. You can get the high streaks GOBB, but you gotta understand you will have a lot of games of nothing as far as score streaks go.
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