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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Lets think about this objectively. You wonder about the Nets and the other teams injuries..... Hmmm you can say the same about the Knicks. The other teams are catching up.

No one is a pessimist the question was asked and answered! Please look at Clutch's questions you may be confused. I think the Nets dont match up well against the Knicks. Even before the first game was played between them I felt this way.

You can reply to this post that no other team is capable of beating the Knicks in the playoffs, or they're a championship team.

Originally Posted by niko
I thnk people need to learn to relax and realize this is not a finished product. Things can improve, some things might get worse. I think Knick fans tend to be pessimistic on the Knicks going forward and optimistic on other teams. No, we probably won't pass the Heat, we just want to be in a postion it's not a pipe dream if we play them. The Nets, everyone assumes they will be in good position and healthy. Why? The post new coach bump will be gone, and Deron and Lopez will be several more months into the season. Lopez foot is going to last the season? Why? Indiana will have the problem (if people are watchign) of Granger coming back and ruining their chemistry, much as people worried about us with Amare.

Give it some time, every season has up and down periods. If we had none we'd be a 65 win team and we are not a 65 win team. The goals of the Knicks are all still within reach. Which is a good thing.

Teams are starting to find there groove. We still have a while to go. But hopefully by February Stat will be what he is, Felton will be in his groove, and Shump should make a contribution. The old post players we cant predict anything with them.

I am more worried about where the Knicks are as opposed to what threats are out there against the Knicks.

Originally Posted by franchize
I agree. The Nets don't impress me. It's all about matchups. I don't like how we match up against Brooklyn or Indiana. I like how we match up against Chicago but their defense impresses the hell out of me. Another sleeper team I don't want to have to face in the 1st round is Milwaukee.
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