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Default Re: What's the better move for Andy Ried and the Chiefs 1 pick?

No way Reid brings in Vick. He wants to distance himself from that whole scene.

Reid's a very good evaluator of QBs and QB coach. I don't see him passing up a genuine stud tackle to anchor the line for a decade so he can draft a project who is, in reality, no better than a mid-first round prospect. That's all Smith, Barkley etc are.

KC isn't a year away from being a good team; they're a long way away. But they have some tools to build with. My bet is Reid has preached a bit of patience. Next year's QB class looks a lot better than this. I could see him bringing in a stop-gap FA and waiting on the franchise QB he needs. If he takes a QB this year, I don't think it'll be before the 2nd or 3rd round.
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