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Default Re: rim jumps increase vertical?

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
I think traditional squats and deadlifts tend to create two foot jumpers. When I was younger I could jump much higher off one but wasn't very explosive jumping off two. After not playing basketball for years and just lifting I could jump higher off two from a stand still than I could off one running.

I agree completely. I guess it doesn't really matter, but I find jumping off two feet more fun and powerful though. I'm going to pick it back up, but I'm in the military now and bigger legs is not that fun for runs.

Also, if all you care about is getting up, and not how, lifting weights is a lot more easy to measure and predict gains. Like I know that if I add 30 pounds to my squat, I'll be jumping an inch or two higher. It's a little different with plyos as in I believe it's hard to say "do this many jumping exercises, this much sprinting, etc... and you will gain 2 inches on your vert."
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