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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Melo doesn't have a true running mate. Don't even say Amare. He never complemented Melo in the first place and he's pretty much done anyway. And its not like he brings any defense to this team to compensate. Hope I'm wrong but I doubt it...

After Melo, JR Smith is easily our best offensive weapon and in reality is a 3rd option at best, plus very streaky.

Look at Deng on the Bulls. An all-around versatile stud. Underrated scorer, defensive specialist, excellent rebounder etc. He makes life easier for the Bulls, complements D-Rose nicely.

KD has a borderline superstar in Westbrook to help take pressure off him, and Westbrook thrives at putting defenses on their heels, scoring buckets, and opening the court up for KD.

Paul Pierce has KG or vice/versa.

We have JR Smith and as much as I appreciate JR Smith, the fact that we rely so heavily on him is a negative thing.

Some say Chandler is arguably our most important player, well, the guy is incapable of hitting a baby jumper, and needs to be set up for all of his points. Even Noah can make you pay if you leave him open.

BUT to be fair we're ravaged by injuries everywhere, Shump hasn't sniffed the court all season (he should benefit us HUGE when he's back) so when we're healthy I still think we're a top 3 seed in the East and we're capable of making serious noise in the playoffs. BUT I don't think we're in title contention.
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