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Default Re: GOAT defensive players?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-

That article seems to be rather short-sighted all the way through. I do agree that Barry was a bit overrated, though.

a RB should never make it to the secondary but if he does it is usually tge "safety" that is the last line of defense...the two safties are supposed to be the safety net, that is how tge position got its name.

The **** are you smoking? You really expect a defense to play perfectly to where corners never have to tackle? What kind of dream world do you live in? It's just highly, highly unrealistic to say something crazy like that.

If we had a nation wide poll of who the greatest CB of all time was I am betting Deion (the poor tackler) would win said poll...why? because coverage skills are THAT much more important for a CB in comparsion for tackling.

Even if that were true, the **** does that prove? He might win, but it would be because he's probably the most known CB to ever play the game. Ask an average fan to name the 5 best CBs ever and I wouldn't be surprised if they name all/mostly recent players.
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