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Default Re: Top 5 QBs you've seen

Hard to say since there's about 7-8 guys I could put up there. F it, I'll just do it by team:

Cards: Warner
Falcs: Meh, I guess Vick
Ravens: Flacco
Bills: Kelly
Panthers: Was never really high on Delhomme, so Newton I guess
Bears: Harbaugh was better with the Colts, so I guess I gotta go with Cutler
Bengals: Esiason
Browns: Kosar
Cowboys: Quincy Carter
Broncos: Elway
Lions: Don't really want to say anyone, but gotta go with Stafford
Packers: Favre, too early to say Rodgers
Texans: Schaub
Colts: P. Manning
Jags: Brunell
Chiefs: Seems kind of cheap to say Montana, so I'll go with Green
Dolphins: Marino
Vikes: Don't wanna go with someone who wasn't there for long, so I'll say Culpepper
Pats: Brady
Saints: Brees
Giants: Simms
Jets: Tough to say, I guess O'Brien
Raiders: Gannon
Eagles: I prefer Cunningham to McNabb
Steelers: Roethlisberger
Chargers: Fouts
49ers: Montana
Seahawks: Krieg
Rams: Warner
Bucs: ?
Titans: Moon
Redskins: Theismann
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