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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

This article is very good read, it comes from Stephen A Smith, a known melo supporter.....

"When you're 28 years old, in your 10th NBA season and in line to capture league MVP honors for the first time in your career, no one should need to tell you that waiting outside the opposing team's bus for one of its players and shrugging off your head coach like he's some annoying heckler -- prompting NYPD and Madison Square Garden security to intervene -- while cameras are rolling, no less, is a really bad look. Melo should've known this beforehand.

The league's second-leading scorer should've also known that avoiding the media after the game would only exacerbate the situation. That it would only provoke more inquiry as to what specifically warranted such an outrageous reaction to Garnett's trash-talking, and that it would lead people to wonder exactly what Garnett said, speculating about more than just basketball.

The specifics of the incident didn't have to become everybody's business. All Melo had to say was, "Garnett talks too damn much. He gets on my nerves. I didn't like it. I lost my cool. And I'm sorry because I played bad and we lost."

Instead, Anthony, the husband and father, handled matters in a fashion that some have speculated he would have before he was a husband and father. And because of it, his wife found herself in the middle of the media firestorm, draped on the front pages of tabloids. And when has that ever ended in a good way? "
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