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Default Re: Where are all these Perkins hate coming from?

Originally Posted by dbugz
They have excellent scorers and he's there just to defend and do all the dirty works. His defense and rebounding are overrated but heck if that translates to more winning percentage I don't give a fckn mind if I even play him 48 minutes a game.

WTF is wrong with this thunder fans.

Perkins is complete garbage. He used to at least be a big body to put on the heavy low post scorers to buy time for help to arrive, but since he's lost weight the average center throws him around like a rag doll now. He has zero help d can't move laterally, can't box out, can't read the offense, can't defend the pnr, I can't think of anything he can do on an average level for an nba big.

Okc fans are mad because if they had Kwame instead of Perkins they'd actually improve by like 3 wins, and they have pieces to trade for a big that are rotting away on the bench.
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