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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Clutch I commend you for seeing the light.

I agree the role players arent doing as well as before. I dont think anyone is playing particularly well especially on the defensive end. The team defense is off as well as the individual defense. They lack the energy necessary to compete on that side of the floor. I think the role players are just gassed for the most part. Their confidence is shaken as well. You can see how Melo and JR have been inefficient because they are looking to score more under more duress. Their mentality has changed. They are not looking for good shots but scoring with blinders on. That means the ball movement stops because they are the only penetrators and they dont kick it out for a better shot. Teams dont double as much anymore so there are not as many good looks. Role players can not be afraid to make something happen. JR and Melo just dont trust the players around them anymore. That makes the Knicks too easy to defend. But as a player I cant blame them really for the lack of trust but as a professional you have to.

I think Felton coming back will help because he has a good way of getting role players involved more and I think Kidd feeds off that because he makes that one extra pass.

The Knicks need Wallace and Camby back to help Chandler. He is all alone in the post going against other teams front court all alone. Thats gotta be wearing him down.

Shump isnt the answer except on the defensive end. He needs to show improvement on the offensive side of the floor. Its good to have a Thabo or Bowen type on the floor but the Knicks need this kid to be a 2 way player.

Stat is really quiet and trying to fit in. I like that but he has to start demanding the ball or he will be forgotten!

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