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Default Re: Top 5 QBs you've seen

Originally Posted by Carbine
We've had defensive tackles that nobody can remember for basically all of Peyton's career. We were build on the Dline to play from ahead in siutations like up 7 with a couple minutes left, or at the end of halves.

So in other words, our DLine was flawed. Mathis & Freeney, as good as they are at rushing the passer, were not good defending the run, especially Mathis.

Our secondary.....can any non-colt fans ever remember our corners through Peyton's career? Yes, they can remember Bob Sanders, but look at his game log, he was always injured.

Our Oline after Glenn retired has been amongst the worst in the league.

Manning won more with less than anyone I've ever seen. He masked our problems. However, when you get to the playoffs and play against superior rosters week in and week out, that's why he has a 9-10 record in the playoffs.

I agree with this. I remember Indy having DT's weighing around 250 lbs which made them an obvious disadvantage against the running game. Colts defense always had injury issues to the point where majority of the defense was composed of practice squad players, fillers and late rounders. Such a fragile unit.
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