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Default Re: Pro Football Hall of Fame 2013 finalists

Originally Posted by Jackass18
Bettis is the weakest link of the players. Sapp shouldn't be a 1st balloter. Shields is rather underrated. Allen and Ogden certainly aren't the best at their positions. Allen might be the strongest, though.

Larry Allen (G/T)
Tim Brown (WR)
Cris Carter (WR)
Jonathan Ogden (OT)
Will Shields (G)
Michael Strahan (DE)
Greene or Williams

So who do you think at those two positions? Allen and Ogden are arguable as the best at their positions.

Sapp is a 1st ballot hall-of-famer. The problem is this rule of having a max number of guys get in. Allen, Ogden, Strahan, Parcells (no one can argue this), Chris Carter, Aeneas Williams...these should be the first 6. Williams has been on it for a couple years, hasn't he? I'm pretty sure he's an All-90's guy. He's one of the best ever. Time for him to get in. Same for Chris Carter, who is just hated by some writers. The 7th guy...I'd take Warren Sapp, but with him as a 1st ballot guy, then I could argue Will Shields or Tim Brown or Charles Haley.

Kevin Greene...that man was an absolute monster. I think his career was long enough, so he's up there.
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