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Default Re: Mike Brown is going to cost us a championship this year & next

Originally Posted by Lakers_Kobe_Fan
holding back on effort and energy too??

Imagine you're a track star in the 100, your new coach insists for some strange reason that you run backwards for the first 30 don't understand and you are not happy but you do it. You lose again and again,
the coach says in every press conference that you should run faster.
Everyone watching says you need to run forward the whole race......common sense right? Now you have 5 races in 7 days and the coach hasn't changed his idiotic fired up would you be? Seriously
You know damn well that you can't win doing it his way and you just look dumb.

Please tell me that any expert thinks that we shouldn't be feeding the post, have Pau within 18 feet, slow the game down, run pick and roll....or any of the other common sense things that we aren't doing.
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