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Default Re: CNN/Anderson Cooper discuss Sandy Hook conspiracy theories

Originally Posted by miller-time
Wow... Reading the comment section on YouTube is scary.

I love in the video how Tracey talks about how people are conditioned to be duped, yet fails to realize that conditioning goes both ways. In the post 9/11 world, conspiracy theorists are now actively looking for patterns and discrepancies when there is no reason to do so - however recognizing false positives provides them with a nice little reward of dopamine.

Well if your one of the few who is willing to accept the official story told on 911 was total bullsh!t (which is easy enough when you consider building 7 fell at free fall speeds for 4 seconds in complete uniformity, suggesting that all critical supports of the building were compromised at the exact same a result of fire....that is impossible), which to me it so obviously was, why would one say there is no reason to look for discrepencies in a current affairs? Obviously 911 was used as a means to an end, so when you have the looming gun control affair, it would only be logical to take a good hard look at recent events, assuming your one of the few who isn't naive enough to think our greater powers would never do such things.

Personally to me its pretty obvious that again the official story at sandy hook is bullsh!t. I have no proof but i have a gut instinct. I can say for sure that the official story of 911 is bullshit, so to me its hardly a stretch to say this was another plot to further an agenda. (to the people that think staging terrorism is just a facade of crazy peoples imaginations)

wisen up folks

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