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Originally Posted by AboveTheRim.
As a rapper?

If you're trying to argue influence in Hip-Hop, then you could maybe make an argument for Jay, but if we're just talking rapping, then he isn't really in the running.

Nas is my favorite rapper of all time, but I think it's too hard to compare him go guys like Pac and Biggie. I wouldn't say anybody is the GOAT, just that there are a couple guys who are all in the conversation for GOAT.

I used to argue with my boys about this, saying the same thing. Nas has always had better bars rapping wise, but Jay-Z's ability to stay consistent and relevant can't be ****ed with. I also feel that Jay-z got him on "success". As for Big and Pac, it's unfair to say they're the goat because they died so early.
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