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Default Mavs Should Get Mike Bibby

It's not Dirk's fault why the mavs was eliminated in the 1st round by a number 8th seed team.. He also did not choked on that series..

The problem is that Dirk is not a selfish player and when he gets doubled, tripled he always passed the ball, the only thing is only Josh Howard was the the only consistent support outside Dirk, occassionaly stack would contribute.

The root of the problem is JET Jason Terry. Jet is a good player but not an outstanding all star caliber player. I think the Mavs should find a better PG, and no other name will surface that would probably be shop in the off season but MIKE BIBBY. Bibby is a great player a very underrated player with all star stats and got all star caliber skills but never been credited to make it to an all star game but none the less Bibby will be a perfect fit for the mavs.

The mavs can also scrap DAMP and his high contract, also they should get rid of george, but first thing's first they should get MIKE BIBBY.

MOST IMPORTANT MOVE THAT THE MAVS WILL DO IS TRADE JET AND GET MIKE BIBBY(PRIORITIZED IT MARK CUBAN AND AVERY). then afterwards they could make an adjustment to some other things, plus rumors has it that DESMOND MASON is also on mavs radar.. an Addition of MIKE BIBBY and DESMOND MASON will be terrific-even more great if they can dump dampier and get a better worthy center.
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