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Default Re: CNN/Anderson Cooper discuss Sandy Hook conspiracy theories

Originally Posted by knickballer
Don't be so ignorant. I'm stating that CNN is bashing some random professor because he has a different view and in the process they are demonizing him and stalking him. This should be a lesson to anyone that if you have a different view than mainstream media because if you do you'll be labeled as a nut. Also another ****ed up way to milk the whole Sandy Hook case for extra views and ratings by trying to make the incident relevant again and to report on extremely sensitive subjects.

If you act like a moron and say mornic stuff in a public forum like that professor did expect to be called out. He used his position at the university to further his agenda and now he can pay the price.

Freedom of speech means you can say stupid things, it doesn't guarantee you'll be free from the repercussions including losing your job
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